Partnership for Sustainable Aid is an international Christian organization whose mission is to obey Christ's command to feed the hungry by providing compassionate, responsible, and holistic assistance to the poor in order to transform lives, foster self-sufficiency, and share the rich promises of an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Responding to Disaster
Our partners bring emergency assistance and Christ's love to victims of natural disaster, war and personal tragedy.
Community Development
Our partners help transform victims into survivors as they teach skills that empower communities to recover from disaster, overcome poverty and improve the wellbeing of children.

Working with At-risk Children
Our partners place their highest priorities on keeping families together. When a child's life is at risk, we offer shelter, nutrition, clean water, education and most of all, loving relationships.
Partnering with Indigenous Leaders
Our partners are indigenous to the countries where they work. They are well educated and possess language, cultural and relational skills that are sustainable and specific to the needs of their fellow countrymen.